We specialise in handmade, hand painted luxury Kashmir paper mache decorative, jewellery, trinket boxes and bespoke wedding favours

About Us

Thank you for visiting Artezen London. We specialise in luxury trinket boxes, Kashmir paper mache boxes and jewellery boxes.  We are based in London, UK. “Artezen London” is a registered trademark and Artezen London Ltd is a British Company established in 2019.  

A huge amount of time and effort goes into creating these unique styles, designs and coloured themes. Each piece completely unique, meticulously curated with several hundred brush strokes by our Master Artisans.

Our products are eco-friendly and produced using recycled materials. All paints used are lead-free and no animal products are used. With a strong ethical policy, we work closely with these cottage industries, purposefully focusing on natural and sustainable products. With the age of technology and fast paced economies, the art of papier-mâché is showing signs of decline. We actively promote this unique form of art for the world to see and admire. Showcasing new and innovative designs and prints, ärtɘzɘn London generates income for the local communities in Kashmir, enriching the quality of life of the local community and helping these artisans to move from income insecurity to economic self-sufficiency. We passionately believe in promoting and preserving their legacy for future generations.